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While I might make the Odd misc. Post here everynow and then this Journal is primary to Track & Keep Record of the Fan & Orignal Fiction I'm Reading/Planning to Read/Have Read.

I'm an Avid Reader of a a fair few Genre's (Mostly HP, SGA, BSG, Gundum Wing, SunShine, DA, FF7&8, Firefly, SPN, Original) but am always on the look out for new 1's. Although If pairing's are present I mostly read Slash/Yaoi these Days which cuts out a lot of my options.

I Absolutely prefer long plotty well thought out fics (A nightmare to find sometimes), it's very rare I'll have a pwp here unless I find it exceptionally good (or if it's a SunShine fic which at present is all that I found to pretty much exist) anyone's welcome to use my lists as Rec's if they Like and I would love and Welcome Rec's (Of Any Genre)